crossing the sketchicon

by Katherine Andrews

There's no turning back now.

It's you and me, sketch comedy. All the way.

Last fall, I had the idea to challenge myself to write a sketch a day and publish it on my website.

I was all fired up because I had just completed The Second City comedy writing program. During that 12 month program, each of us wrote a sketch a week. And each Sunday we would read them out in class.

The experience was incredible. I loved the form, loved the performance, and loved how quickly ideas and characters in my head could come alive. I loved watching and learning about the ideas and characters living in my classmates' heads.

And most of all, I loved the laughter. The laughter I had while I wrote, the laughter that poured from me when I heard my classmates' work, and if I'm honest, the laughter I heard from others about my writing.

I was smitten. And when the class ended last August and the regular deadlines and group camaraderie was all of sudden gone, I missed it terribly.

I was still very much in the honeymoon phase last September, when it occurred to me that I should write a sketch a day and publish it on my website. I thought it would be a great way to get better at writing. Plus I had so many ideas, and had learned so much about the form and variations on it from my course that it wouldn't be hard to come up with new material.

Okay, so after I cooled down a bit, I reconsidered. A sketch a day? Maybe a little ambitious, given that up til now, I was only churning out one a week. Why I thought I would be able to create seven times that output and keep up with the other deadlines in my life is beyond me.

But even though I scoffed at my original goal, I remained committed to the idea, in a more realistic form: one sketch a month.

I'll enjoy laughing while I create it, and hope you'll enjoy laughing while you read it.

And I'll hope that someday I have the opportunity to revisit the joy of working with a room of co-creators as great as my Second City writing pals.